Sunday, November 22, 2015

Link Loves: Newborn

It's been a while since Link as a newborn but I dug deep back in my fuzzy "new mom brain" and came up with this list of things that really helped us through!

1. Halo Swaddle Sleepsack
These are great for keeping his arms and hands still so no face scratching or being startled awake. He really fights it for a few minutes then he calms right down and sleeps much sounder. The zipper opens from the bottom for quick nighttime diaper changes too.

2. Nikon 35mm Lens
I love the 35mm lens because it gives my photos that look where the subject is clear and the background it soft/blurry. It's a good way to fake some photography skills ;)

3. Peg Perego Car Seat and Base
Having a separate car seat base that remains strapped in the vehicle is a must in my books. It's so easy to get Link in and out and it's awesome that I don't have to wake him up during naps.

4. Munchkin Wipes Warmer
It makes a nighttime diaper change less shocking and he remains calm and falls back asleep more easily. I mean who wouldn't want warm toilet paper??

5. Baby Connect App
This app has been a necessity for me, especially in those first few weeks when I was sleep deprived. It keeps track of lots of things like diaper changes, feedings, sleep, doctors appointments and more. My husband also got it on his phone and we can sync our data. 

6. Levana Keera Video Monitor
You can definitely get by with an audio monitor but the video is a great perk! I love that I can peek in on my little guy without going upstairs or disturbing him. It's also great when I'm in the shower and it's too loud to hear, I can keep an eye on him on screen.

7. Jolly Jumper Car Seat Cover
Perfect for Calgary weather, it keeps the wind and cold out. Link stays cozy in his little cocoon and often sleeps through our entire outing.

8. Onesie
These are great underneath the sleep sack because they allow for quick diaper changes, no messing with getting his legs in and out of sleepers.

9. iPad
This one is more for me but my iPad has saved my sanity during night feedings! I can watch Netflix, play games, or surf the web. Anything to keep me alert while nursing in the dark. I turn the subtitles on so I can keep the volume super low.

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