Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Christmas has always been a magical time in our house. I get a happy tingly feeling each year when I hear that first Christmas song or hang the stockings on the mantle. I can't wait for the big day but the first of December is when the fun begins! This year Lincoln is actually enjoying the festivities too which makes everything that much better. Every morning we come downstairs and when Link sees his advent calendar he says "please?" and we open up the next bag. I know he doesn't understand that it's a countdown to Christmas but it is so fun to see him get so excited for some stickers or play dough and it gives us an activity to enjoy together. We've been to see Santa twice (though he didn't sit on his lap), to zoolights (though he was just excited about the airplanes in the sky), and we have been snuggling up with Christmas movies each night. I'm treasuring all the time we have together as I know it won't be forever. I hope we can make the holidays as memorable for Link as my mom did for me.

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