Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ten Awesome Gifts for Kids

Shopping for the little ones is definitely the best! But sometimes it's hard to sift through the millions of toys and goodies out there. Here are some really great ideas that will light up their faces! 

I don't know about you but I loved playing with old boxes. Give them this book along with the boxes and they'll be entertained for hours!

The blocks stick together making them perfect for a restaurant or road trip! Plus the colours are super fun too!

I kind of want to try this. Kids will be interested in seeing how vegetables grow and maybe it'll actually entice them to try one? Dare to dream ;)

Give this adorable game to the game lover on your list and they'll be learning colours, fine motor skills, and strategic thinking all while having a blast!

This is the most stylish shopping cart I've ever seen, would make a great photoshoot prop too!

Sophie & Lili carry the most adorable things but these sweet dolls are my favourite, they offer customized versions as well.

I know lots of little guys with major train addictions, this one looks like a model train but is wood so you don't have to worry when it gets chucked on the floor!

The kit includes a book and Tickle Moster Gloves that will delight the kids as they get tickled like crazy! It would be a great gift for a grandparent too.

These are my favourite things that I discovered this year, they are amazing!! The carpets come in different designs including Playhouse, Traffic, and Mini City. The playhouse one speaks to the designer in me as it looks like a giant floorplan!

Power tools rock,! This includes a power screwdriver so the kids can build and take apart this brightly coloured airplane over and over again. 

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