Friday, January 29, 2016

An Extraordinary Kind of Day

Today was one of those ordinary but wonderful kind of days. We didn't have any scheduled activities so we just went with the flow. We had a lazy breakfast with no "hurry ups" and then we finally got dressed and headed out for groceries. Since it was Friday morning the store was very quiet and calm. We were both in a good mood, singing and laughing as we made our way through the aisles. Link was saying hi to everyone we passed! We got our groceries bagged and paid for them with no fussing at all, what a treat! I needed to get some sealer for a coffee table I'm refinishing so we popped in to the Hardware Store. Since we didn't need much and weren't in a rush we didn't get a cart and I let Lincoln walk, he loves wandering through the aisles! They didn't end up having what I needed so we headed home. 

Link always wants to go for a walk when we get home, he usually heads out down the sidewalk and I have to chase after him. More often than not we have things to do so I carry a protesting boy into the house. But today the sun was shining and we didn't have anywhere to be so I quickly put away the fridge stuff and we grabbed the wagon and headed out. It was so nice, almost like spring! The sky was so blue and the birds were singing. We ended up walking around the nieghborhood for an hour looking for buses, trucks, and pinecones and just enjoying the day. We came back home for smoothies and quesadillas and an episode of "Chuggington." After lunch I remembered that we had a rebounder in the basement and I hauled it upstairs, Link was pretty excited. We wound up bouncing around and reading books on it until nap time. 

He's now sound asleep while I reminisce about our day of fun. Things don't aways go so smoothly and sometimes we're just too busy but I love when we can take our time and just "be."

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